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Video compressors are programs that reduce video size of clips and make them easy to share on any kind of social media site. They compress videos and reduce the number of bits that are needed to represent a video without losing quality.

Do you want to know about a fast-compressed video online where you can compress video files as per your needs? 

Well, there are plenty of compression tools you will find online. Sometimes, too many choices can make it difficult to choose which tool could be the best option for you. Thus, we are here to help you to shrink video file easily.

Why do we need a video compressor tool?

Why do we need a video compressor tool?

Video compressor tools have become a great convenience for content makers and everyday social media users. You cannot share or load a video file immediately if it is larger in size. In such a circumstance, you need video compressors. It can reduce video size and file size by compressing its megabytes and make it possible to upload, or load instantly. 

So don’t let the sluggishness of a video make your pace slower, and use an online video compressor. 

Similarly, a 1-minute video can take a lot of storage leaving less space left for other videos. In order to avoid the ‘no storage space left’ possibility, you need to compress the video. 

Free convert compressor VS 

Free convert video compressor VS Video

To make it easy for you to choose the best compressor according to your video type. Here is a comparison between two well-known online compressors. 

Video compressor is a free, fast, and easy to use online video size reducer. It doesn’t limit you to compressing a specific number of videos in a day. Furthermore, it also doesn’t bind you to just compress shorter videos with smaller sizes. 

You can upload the video and compress it within seconds. Many people have privacy concerns due to which they don’t use online tools.  It guarantees the user keeps the data safe and secure. 

Video compressor has a user-friendly interface that is convenient and understandable for the user. It doesn’t allow the video to sabotage its quality while compression and lets the user enjoy the video in high quality. 

Moreover, it can reduce file size to the minimum level if you want, which allows you to load and watch the video quickly. 

Useful for: Compressing high MB videos instantly and downsizing as many videos as a user wants. 

Free Convert Video Reducer

As it is an online tool, you need to have fast internet to upload or download the videos before and after the compression. 

This is a simple online tool that allows you to change the quality, file size, bitrate, and resolution of the video. It also allows the user to choose between the codecs H. 265 and H. 264.

But the free version of the free convert compressor permits the user to compress a limited number of videos in a day and allows a specific size for the video compression. Thus, you need to pay to convert a larger number of files. Even if you buy the pro version, it can be glitchy sometimes. 

Useful for: Compressing short videos with smaller sizes for free. 

Why is the Best? 

It is visible that a video compressor works best for a user who needs to compress many videos a day and especially videos that are larger in size. This online video reducer does not glitch and doesn’t let the user stick to the daily limits of the tool usage. This shows that is a user-friendly video reducer that works best for everyone. 


We have provided you with the information that is required to choose the best option for video compression. By keeping in mind your needs and ease to perform video reduction, we suggest you use the video It is a cost-effective tool that fulfills the task quickly and saves you time and money. 

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