Twitch Banner Size: Video & Profile Banner Best Practices (Guide)

Twitch Banner Size

The Various Twitch Banner Types:

Priorities come first. The profile banner and the video player banner are the two primary categories of Twitch banners. Here is a brief summary.

The most important aspect of your profile, at least until 2020, is your Twitch profile banner size, so we’ll start there. Previously known as cover images, this is where you can add significant information about your neighborhood.

Profile banners Twitch, however, have been downgraded to background wallpaper following a Twitch UI upgrade. It’s a significant issue because, at most, you can only employ patterns and backdrop colors.

On the other hand, the importance of your Twitch video player banner in your profile increased. Your personal branding is incorporated in this offline banner. Additional information that you want to share with your community can also be embedded. 

What size Twitch banner works best?

Banners for video players and profile pages should be as eye-catching as possible without being garish or loud. This is where choosing the ideal Twitch banner size is crucial. Making ensuring that your banner requirements are correct is a great place to start if you want to maintain your streaming quality standards. 

The following recommended Twitch element proportions are not limited to twitch banner sizes.

Twitch Sizes

Twitch Element          Dimensions (width x height)
Twitch Profile Picture Size1200 x 480 px (5:2 Aspect Ratio)
Twitch Video Player banner size (a.k.a. Offline banner)1920 x 1080 px (16:9 Aspect Ratio)
Twitch Pfp Size1600 x 1600 px (1:1 Aspect Ratio)
Twitch Panel Image Size320 x 160 px (2:1 Aspect Ratio)
Twitch Banner Size/ Twitch Banner Resolution/ Twitch Channel Banner Size1920 x 480 pixels
Twitch Video Thumbnail1280 x 720 px (16:9 Aspect Ratio)

Now that you have the correct measurements, let’s explore Twitch banners in more detail.

Profile Banners:

What we commonly refer to as a “profile picture” or “Twitch header size” on other social media networking sites is really refer:

ed to as a “profile player banner” on Twitch. The profile player banner is a highly appropriate label because Twitch is the hub for gamers. You can also create discord profile banners.

This serves as a label for your personal style or brand design. You should make the most of this Twitch feature since it remains on your channel whether you are online or not. On their Twitch profile banner size, broadcasters typically list vital information about their channel, like logos, social media handles, live schedules, and announcements, to mention a few. But all of these occurred before 2020.

Video Player Banners:

 Also known as Twitch offline banner size/ Twitch offline screen size, video player banners are your greatest friend when it comes to self-promotion.

Consider it in this way. You know how when someone is on vacation they might automatically respond with “away messages”? On Twitch, video player banners function similarly, but they are far more aesthetically pleasing.

Do you still remember the other components that you were unable to include in your profile banner? Don’t get rid of them yet. You can put everything in the video player banners that you couldn’t fit in the profile banners (such as social media handles and logos). Don’t throw that nice item away.

Therefore, a 16:9 aspect ratio, or roughly 1920 px to 1080 px (width: height), is the recommended resolution to create a beautiful video player banner. If you want to create a video banner for your Twitch channel, you can do it using the online video editor at VEED.

You will have the ability to:

  • Add text 
  • Add sound effects and music
  • Add pictures (social media icons, logos, etc)
  • Resize, divide, and trim videos
  • plus more!

Keep in mind to save your profile banner in either JPEG or PNG format and to keep the file size under 10MB (for regular profile banners).

The finest Twitch banner examples

Here are a few of the most well-liked Twitch banners for more ideas.


Due to its enormous global viewership, GenshinImpactOfficial is one of the most popular Twitch channels. Check out how they have an announcement on their offline banner, as we previously discussed.

Section: Gaming (Action, RPG, Open World) 

AmandaRachLee is a streamer.

A YouTuber and artist, AmandaRachLee. Even though her primary interest is in the arts, she occasionally streams Animal Crossing and other well-known games on her Twitch account. Three of her social media networks are displayed in her offline banner, along with

Sort by: Art

Best tools for creating profile banners for Twitch, both free and paid

Making the most of your social media platform’s features might be challenging, especially if you don’t know how to edit photos. But don’t worry; tools are there to help with that!

If you want to customize and develop your unique brand and look, Twitch banner size templates and other creation tools are your greatest friends. Here are two of the most popular design applications you can use as a starting point.

Design Novices: Canva (Free and Paid):

Canva is a platform for graphic design that welcomes both novices and experts. Canva’s ease of use makes it even more tempting. There is a lot of best quality photo canvas prints online.

Canva offers all of its essential tools for free, but premium creations may require extra. When you sign up for Canva Pro, you get access premium templates and features. Canva also allows you to create simple video banners, although we recommend using it more for its visuals as that is what it excels at.

Here are some striking Twitch banner samples for you to use.

Yellow Now Streaming Twitch Banner

If your stream has a contemporary, trendy atmosphere, this template is ideal for futuristic shooter games. The long-exposure star design truly sells the Apex Legends or Deep Rock Galactic theme, and the banner has a serious gamer sense to it.

Easy Twitch Banner

This Twitch banner’s design is significantly more whimsical. It works well for streamers who broadcast informal content, such as straightforward games, board games, or simple conversation.

Retro General Twitch Banner in Blue, Fun

Retro is always entertaining, and it’s a terrific way to display your age. The controller on this Twitch banner indicates interest in console games, and it is much more relaxed. This Twitch banner would look fantastic on your channel if you stream PlayStation or Xbox content.

Photoshop for experienced designers (Paid)

If you are eager for a fresh creative challenge and your degree of creativity is above average, you might be interested in trying out Adobe Photoshop. But unlike Canva, this is a paid-for app only. Here, you have access to fantastic raster graphics editing tools and almost all you need to create a unique, expert Twitch banner.

However, if you have access to Photoshop, there are countless possibilities available to you for creating your own banner. Just remember that there is a learning curve while using Photoshop and that you might not get the desired outcome on your own.

You may continuously create your own designs as your Twitch channel develops, which is a benefit of using and knowing Photoshop. Maintaining your theme while making your own customizations will allow you to create a totally original Twitch profile. Photoshop is the way to go if you have the patience and time to learn how to edit photos properly.

Most effective for video player banners:

The online video editor from VEED is the easiest tool to use when creating a video player banner.

You can upload from YouTube in addition to uploading your video footage and adding images, text, music, and sound effects.

The Top 5 Twitch Banner Guidelines

Using your editing tool, you can easily change the Twitch banner dimensions. But it took a lot of trial and error before those dimensions were finally determined. Here are five of the best Twitch profile habits you can stick with, whether you decide to change them or not.

Utilize hues that are appropriate for your brand.

A positive initial impression of your channel depends heavily on how you modify visual components, notably color, for your unique brand. Here are some pointers.

Do some research on your intended demographic and try to incorporate hues or specks of colour that are well-liked by or typically associated with them. Your Twitch profile or video banners will become more appealing and remembered if you do this.

Amount of text to include

While the legibility of your phrases or logos is essential for a successful Twitch banner, their placement also needs to be taken into account.

Maintaining consistency in your channel’s graphics and your brand’s overall appearance

In your Twitch profile, aesthetics and personal branding go hand in hand. You can include as many aesthetic components as you like, but make sure they are all the same throughout your channel.

‍Less is better

Any artist will tell you that the pieces you choose and the amount of space you occupy on your canvas are the secrets to creating a visually pleasing masterpiece. Less is more is the motto you keep repeating to yourself when you create your Twitch banner unless your work is genuinely meant to be loud.

Utilizing a Theme

It’s hardly unexpected to see more information regarding games than other categories given that Twitch is a hotspot for gaming streamers. However, it goes without saying that a fundamental idea or subject is essential in correctly packaging your content, regardless of which category your streams fit under.

There is now greater room for creativity if your streams are about a different category. You should be more careful about the elements you include in your channel, though. Add as many as you believe you will need, but remove any that are no longer useful.

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