Our History

We could be familiar to you from the media. We learned a lot about large-scale image conversion and optimization by running this website. We naturally intended to leverage that knowledge to simplify file conversion for other people.

We launched the site in 2022 with the intention of converting any image to any other format, but as soon as we ran out of image converters to create, we expanded it to include conversions for audio, video, and even documents.

Our Purpose

Our aim is to make the conversion of files between different file formats easy and quick. We strive for simplicity, but we also have a robust API that lets users customise their conversion settings.

About Us 

Our company, which is proud to be a 100% remote workplace, owns and operates https://video-compressor.io/ For any  support or administrative questions.

Facts & Figures

We receive a large number of monthly visitors who use more than a thousand file converting programmes each day to convert numerous files. There are roughly 70 file conversions every minute as a result.