How To Compress MOV Video Files By using Online Video Compressor

How to compress MOV video files

How to make mov files smaller? How to lower the quality of a video? What is a MOV file? How to lower video quality? How to lower the resolution of video? Well, worry not all queries are covered in this article.

Working with video files format can sometimes be a little bit difficult. Especially when it comes to resizing and reduce video file size to fit your needs. If you have ever wondered how to compress MOV video files then read this article. But before going to our main topic we should discuss what is actually MOV video file format.

What is a MOV file?

A MOV file is the most common video file type which is usually storing a Tv show, a home movie, or a short video clip. Video editors commonly used this file format because of its high-quality video feature. And this is the main reason MOV files are large in size. 

MOV is actually a file format that is developed by Apple. Such files can contain numerous ways for different kinds of media like audio, subtitles, and video. This format is quite popular for storing movies since it can maintain high quality. 

Why do you need to Compress MOV files?

Sometimes large files are not working properly on certain devices that’s why we need to compress video files. For example, you have to complete your project but firstly you need to transfer all those MOV files to a desktop or a laptop to start to organize them. But here the problem is the file sizes are large. Now you’ll have to compress them first and then upload them to your cloud account. Depending on the file’s size, you may even need to use a third-party file transfer solution.

Smaller videos can help enhance your workflow but they can make a little difference to your targeted audience. Generally, high-resolution files won’t play sufficiently for those viewing on slower Wi-Fi connections, smartphones, or PCs. One of the most benefits of compressing this kind of video file is free space on your hard drive.

Best 5 Free MOV Compressors to Decrease Large MOV File Size Online

The best solution to compress a MOV file by using an online free video compressor that you can easily compress video online. It lets you decrease the MOV file size easily and speedily without installing any third party. Below is the collection of the best 5 free MOV compressors to decrease large file size.

How to Compress MOV files with online Video-Compressor?

Knowing how to resize, shrink, or compress video online while keeping the video’s dimensions and quality. It sounds complicated but doesn’t worry because with the right software it can be quite simple. 

Below are some steps that you should follow to compress a MOV video file:

  1. Open Our

    Open Google then search video compressor then open Video-Compressor.ioopen online video compressor

  2. Select the MOV video file that you want to compress.

    Bring your large MOV video file into any online video-compressor.
    browse your video

  3. Change Formate

    Change the size according to your need or you can also apply a preset formate of video

  4. Download your compressed Video

    Now choose an output collection for your reduced-size MOV video file.


There are different methods to compress video MOV files. You can use a video compression tool that requires installing software or you can use any online MOV-free video compressor without losing quality.  So now you know that compressing a MOV video file is not quite difficult. We explained enough information about how to do this process. So, you can use this knowledge and then convert this type of video file format to another. You can compress video files according to your goals.

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