Heartbreaking Movie & TV Deaths That Still Hurt

Heartbreaking Movie & TV Deaths That Still Hurt

When Tv shows become a part of a viewer’s life, then the fictitious persons in those TV shows feel like family members. And that’s the reason why it hurts when these fictional characters die. Here is a list of the saddest deaths on television so scroll down and enjoy our pity party.

Carl Grimes – The Walking Dead

Carl Grimes - The Walking Dead

Carl Grimes is the son of the main character in the show The Walking Dead. Viewers thought that he was supposed to survive till the end and his father was working to maintain that just for Carl Grimes. However, it should not have appeared as a surprise after the unceremonious deaths every season of this TV show.

Ned Stark – Game Of Throne

Ned Stark - Game Of Throne

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV shows that has already shown to its audience that Game of Thrones is not going to be like your fantasy series. The death of Ned Stark does more to set the tone than any other fictional character death in a modern TV show. His death came as a savage surprise for viewers and also it shows that heroes do not always live.

Bubba Blue – Forrest Gump

Bubba Blue - Forrest Gump

Bubba Blue’s death in Forrest Gump is the most heartache death of this show. He ends up fighting and being killed in action after convincing Forrest to come into the shrimping business. Bubba’s last words to his best friend are “I want to go home” and that’s really a heart-touching scene.

Jack Dawson – Titanic

Bubba Blue - Forrest Gump

Jack Dawson’s death scene is one of the most iconic scenes in the show. He sacrificed himself to save his beloved Kate Winslet’s Rose. His last words to rose were never to lose hope and that a new life is waiting for her. It is very hurtful to see Jack’s frozen body sink into the ocean. You’ve also probably shed tears on his death scene.

John Coffey – The Green Mile

John Coffey - The Green Mile

This movie follows the story of a prisoner John Coffey who is convicted of a murder that he did not commit. But later Edgecomb finds out that despite his big stature, John could not hurt a fly. In fact, it is shown later that he was just trying to protect the kid he was blamed for the killing. The iconic death scene of John Coffey still hurt people.

Jamie Sullivan – A Walk to Remember

Jamie Sullivan - A Walk to Remember

Like The Notebook, this teen weepie was originally based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. It stars Shane West and Mandy Moore as a popular bad boy who falls in love with a preacher’s daughter. However, she is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and when it worsens, London quickly proposes to her. She realizes that she has only one summer that they spent together before Jamie succumbs. Nicholas Sparks later declare that Jamie’s character was based on his younger sister who died of cancer in 2000.

Beth March – Little Women

Beth March - Little Women

Beth March’s death was the most iconic fictional death, in Little Women, in cinema history. She was the kindest March sister who never fully recovers from a childhood bout with scarlet fever. The whole story was about the sister and the ups and downs in their life. But the sisters always had one another to depend on. She was actually too good for this world and that makes the death of Beth more heartwrenching.

Allie Hamilton And Noah Calhoun – The Notebook

Allie Hamilton And Noah Calhoun - The Notebook

This is the love story of a wealthy girl and a working-class boy. The Notebook basically belongs to the old couple in the movie’s opening scene. where the elder Noah Calhoun is talking with his wife Allie Hamilton about their past. Because dementia has taken Allie’s memories from her. At the end of this movie, both husband and wife died in their sleep while holding hands. And that scene makes the audience shed tears.

Héctor – Coco

Héctor - Coco

Hector is already dead when the viewers meet him. In this story the main character hopes to receive a blessing from the man he thinks was his great-great-grandfather. He thinks that the famous musician “De la Cruz” is his great-great-grandfather but later he comes to find out that Hector is his real great-great-grandfather. And at the end of the movie, everyone finds out that De La Curz is the one who gives poisoned Hector and then stole his songs.

Bambi’s Mother – Bambi

Bambi's Mother - Bambi

Chances are high this is the first fictional character’s death you can remember. The death scene of Bambi’s mother in this animated movie is a very heartache scene. She was shot b a hunter and the sound of the shotgun leaves the viewers with no doubt of what just happened. This movie reminds us that life is fragile and how easily a fun time in a field is turned into a killing field. But Bambi ends up discovering a happy life in the forest.

Ellie – Up

Ellie - Up

Ellie is another fictional character whose death can test anybody’s tear ducts. This was the story of Ellie and Carl who were in love from their childhood. Both shared a deep curiosity and a  passion for exploration. But both put off their dreamy trip to Paradise Falls because of their everyday expenses. At their older age, Carl makes a plan to take Ellie to Paradise Falls but unfortunately, she gets sick and dies before they are able to go. But later on, he decided to rig his old house with balloons and fly it to Paradise Falls.

Artax – The NeverEnding Story

Artax - The NeverEnding Story

This 1984 fantasy movie deals with some adult themes, especially in the scene when Atreyu losses his horse. He lost his loyal companion, Artax, in the Swamps of Sadness. Artax’s temporary demise can’t be neglected but fortunately, both were reunited at the last of the movie.

Hillary Whitney – Beaches

Hillary Whitney - Beaches

This is the saddest tv show of all time. It was the story of two women (Hillary and C. C. Bloom) who had different strengths and dreams. They both parted ways and come back to each other many times throughout their lives. Unfortunately, Hillary was diagnosed with a serious heart problem and didn’t get a transplant in time. After her death, C. C. Bloom adopts the daughter of Hillary and also pays tribute to Hillary during a concert.

Emma Greenway – Terms Of Endearment

Emma Greenway - Terms Of Endearment

This 1983 sentimental tearjerker revolves around a complicated relationship between a daughter and mother. This issue was resolved after Emma was diagnosed with cancer. Emma Greenway makes peace with her mother and says goodbye to her. The heartache scene of her death itself is wordless. When she died her husband was sleeping next to her and she exchanges a look with her mom, sharing a top secret that only belongs to them.

Wolverine – Logan

Wolverine - Logan

Logan is unlikely any other X-Men film. Hugh Jackman performed as Wolverine for the final time in the franchise. In this alternate movie, fans lost Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier as well as Logan. Logan died defending Laura who he comes to see as a daughter. His death really shocked the fans of Logan. And in the last scene, Laura rotated the cross on Logan’s makeshift grave to make an “X.”