Top 20 Genius Solutions to Everyday Problems

Top 20 Genius Solutions to Everyday Problems

There are many annoying everyday problems in our lives that we have either simply chosen to ignore. And many times people try to keep away from them until and unless solving them becomes a need. So the reality is that we should not avoid these problems because the more we avoid them, the more complex they get.

People online are sharing some genius solutions to everyday annoying problems and it is quite incredible how they are not implemented everywhere. Below are the top 20 genius solutions to everyday problems.

1. A Chair with Double Purpose

Sometimes we get irritated holding a bag on our shoulder or in hand while keeping a cup of tea or coffee. This chair is actually a solution to this situation because it is specially designed for two reasons: to hold the bags or to sit.

2. A Caring Dentist

One of the annoying problems is feeling super bored while we are at the dentist’s. But this genius dentist has a great solution to this problem. He has a “Where Wally” on the ceiling to entertain his patient during the treatment.

3. Plastic Bottle Currency

Pollution is a huge problem but china come up with an incredible idea for this problem. China has presented recycling for cash programs. Where you receive cash ranging from 5-15 cents for each bottle.

4. Making Shopping Convenient 

A lot of people get annoyed when a market’s staff follows them everywhere. The genius owner of a mall presented a good solution to ignore it. The store allows you to select whether you really want to be annoyed or not.

5. Rotating Bench

After the rain, people don’t sit on the wet benches and try to clean them with a dry cloth. In rainy weather, this becomes a big issue for travelers because sometimes they have to wait for their bus for so long. But it has a great solution and that is a rotating bench that confirms one side of it remains dry.

6. A Winter Simulator

There is a great winter simulator that has below 0° temperatures to confirm and test the winter clothes before you buy them. It helps you to avoid the problem of purchasing winter clothes that are not really capable to warm your body.

7. Handful? No Problem

Sometimes, people find it difficult to press the buttons in the elevator because their hands are full of handbags. But this elevator solves this issue as you can press the elevator’s button with the help of your feet.

8. Safety First

As we all know that wearing a safety belt is essential to save your life while diving. But many people avoid doing this. But this car just confirms that you do not get to enjoy your travel with pleasing music if you aren’t wearing a safety belt.

9. Drinking Fountain for Doggos and Humans

This amazing foundation is designed for dogs who face the problem of clean drinking water. 

10. Toilet Paper with a Smaller Roll Inside

If you are also one of those who experienced the suffering of not finding toilet paper then you better know this is a problem that you can’t avoid. But toilet paper in a small packet is the solution to this problem. 

11. A Tie with a Double Purpose

Sometimes people experience problems with scratches on laptop/mobile screens while cleaning them. But don’t worry because this tie is the best that allows its users to clean their devices without leaving a single scratch on them.

12. Skateboard Parking

It can be really hurtful if someone stole your favorite skateboard. But this school surely cares about its students who have skateboards. I think this is the best solution to this problem.

13. This Sign Moves The “N” When They Are Closed

This kind of sign seems like a good idea to tell customers to know they are closed. And I think it is a better sign than saying “be back soon.”

14. Toilet with a Privacy Button

People feel embraced by weird noises when they are doing their business in the toilet. That’s why Genius people came up with a great idea to solve this problem. This Japanese washroom put a privacy button that will play music so nobody can hear the weird noises.

15. Side of the Petrol Cap Does Not Matter Anymore

Have you ever experienced a problem with the side of your petrol cap at any petrol pump earlier? But now this is no more a problem because in Seoul the gas pumps hung on the roof to avoid this issue.

16. Kids and Adults Can Sit at the Same Table

In most parks tables are for either adults or kids. But these amazing tables are pretty unlike the others. This type of picnic table is for all children and adults so they can sit jointly.

17. Testing the Toilet Paper’s Brands

Not all toilet paper feels the same and that’s why this supermarket decided to help its customers to decide which brand is best for them. It seems this supermarket really does care about its consumers.

18. Special Towels For Makeup That Won’t Show All The Smudges

Removing makeup with a towel? Ladies can agree that it can be an annoying task. But now this hotel proposes a solution to this issue. They deliver special towels for makeup that won’t damage your sensitive skin.

19. A Healthy Snack

Sometimes during shopping, we feel hungry. This market has a great solution to this problem. You can get a nutritional snack with only a twenty-five cent deposit. And this healthy snack will help to keep you moving.

20. A Phone Number for Bedtime Stories

Seeing this kind of telephone might have given a dreary feeling to people. This kind of phone points out how greatly technology has advanced over time.