3 Best Video Compressors for Windows & Mac | Compress Without Losing Quality

3 Best Video Compressors for Windows & Mac

In many cases, the raw video file created by the camera after recording is quite huge. Uploading something to a video compressor becomes very challenging if it is not on a server or URL. Offline encoders, converters, video compressors, or transcoders can be used to alleviate this issue by reducing video size without sacrificing quality. This video compression is crucial to the system for processing videos. Some of these mp4 compressors can also be used to compress video and convert data into various audio. The top 3 Best Video Compressors or offline encoders are described below.



What Online Video Compressor Means

In the modern world, we are constantly searching for methods to make our files smaller without sacrificing quality. Videos can take up a lot of space on our devices, so this is particularly true when it comes to them. Therefore, video compressors are crucial equipment that can help us conserve time and space.

Although there are several video compressors on the market, not all of them are the same. While other compressors might not be able to reduce the file size as much as you would like, others may compromise the quality of your films. It’s crucial to pick a compressor that is both efficient and kind to your videos because of this.

One of the best in the market, our online video compressor can help you compress your films without sacrificing their quality. As a result, you can watch high-quality films while freeing up space on your device.

How To Compress Video Files From Video-Compressor.io

Our online video compressor is easy to use and understand. Just carry out these actions.

  1. Open Video-compressor.io

    Go to Google or Chrom Then Search Video-Compressor.io
    open video-compressor.io

  2. Select Video

    From your device, choose the video you wish to compress.
    select mp4 video

  3. Set Your desired Quality

    Select the output video’s file size or quality preferences.compress video

  4. Click Compress Button

    To begin the compression process, click the “Compress” button.compress video

  5. Download video

    Download the compressed video to your device once the process is finished.
    Download your compressed video

VLC Media Player for MAC and Windows – Best Video Compressor

VLC Media Player for MAC and Windows - Best Video Compressor

Even the VLC media player may be used as an offline encoder to modify and convert videos, which is a little-known fact. The following are the steps:

Step 1: Open the VLC media player

Select “Media” > “Convert/Save” Add your raw audio or video file under the file tab.

open VLC
best video compressor
add video to compress video

Step 2: Convert Your Video

Select “Convert” by selecting the “down arrow” icon next to the Convert/Save button.

Step 3: Select Your Formate

Now select the format and destination source from the “Profile” drop-down menu.

Step 4: Click on Start Button to compress the video

When you click “Start,” the video compression process will begin, and once it is finished, the converted file will be available in the target source.

start the conversion of video

Prism Video Converter for Mac & Windows

Prism Video Converter for Mac & Windows

Prism is te of the best video compressor for Mac and Windows utilizing this video reducer to convert and resize videos is very simple. Both a free and a paid version are accessible. The user interface (UI) is really simple and nearly drag-and-drop.


  • You Can Covert our video in Any formate
  • Easy and Simple to use
  • You can Trim or split your video in a right maner
  • This Video reduced supported 4k resolution.

What are the different video bitrates? 1500, 1000, 600, and 300 kbps

Video bitrate refers to the volume of video data transferred at a given moment. One of the most important aspects of a video’s quality is its video bitrate. High video bitrates, high video resolutions, and high frame rates all contribute to appealing videos. I hope that clarifies what the video’s bitrate is and how it reflects to compress video file size. You can choose between a constant bitrate and a variable bitrate for a given video; read more about CBR vs VBR in the linked article.

How are video bitrate and video size related?

Typically, bitrate is expressed in kbps, which is equivalent to kb (kilobits) of data per second. So, a video at 1500 kbps will use up 675 MB of data every hour, or 1500 * 60 * 60 kbps, or 8000 MBs of data. When the video bitrate is less then the then size of video is less.

Similar to how a 1000 kbps, a one-hour video will be 450 MB in size and a 600 kbps, one-hour video will be 270 MB.

What connection exists between video bitrate (kbps) and pixels (p)?

The technological relationship between pixels and bitrate is not exact. The bitrate and pixels are inversely correlated for the same streaming service. However, as I already indicated, even at the same video bitrate, different service providers can give different pixels. While bitrate is the average amount of data in a video file expressed per second of video, pixels determine the resolution of the video. Both low-resolution videos with high bitrates and high-resolution videos with very high bitrates are possible. This disparity results from some difficult math that is used to express what should be displayed on a video and you show a compress mp4 file.

VdoCipher additionally offers a tailored, in-depth UI + API trans-coding configuration for businesses for online video compressor. The video size, bitrates, and method of encoding can all be customized. All widely used video formats (more than 15) are supported. By default, VdoCipher transcodes films into its own proprietary encrypted format, but it also offers custom transcoding for large enterprises.

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