5 best Methods to Compress Video Files for Email

Compress video For Email

You want to show a film to your coworkers internally. Or perhaps you’re a maker who spent weeks polishing that one edit, making sure it has the appropriate soundtrack, ideal lighting, and precise subtitles. Or perhaps you want to improve your cold pitching skills by including a video. But guess what happens once you hit “send”? The error notice “Your file size is too huge” appears. To compress video, you don’t need to look through 19 various methods. This post will show you how to reduce video size without losing quality with help of the best Video Compressor for email.

Here is the list of 5 methods to compress your video files for Email

  1. Create a Zip File 
  2. Use videocompressor.io Free Online Video Compressor 
  3. Share a Video Link
  4. Trim and Split to Reduce the Video File Size
  5. Use a Cloud Service

1. Make a Zip file first

when you want to send several films without sacrificing their quality Like neatly folding your clothing and zipping them into a bag to make them easier to transport, creating a zip file to transfer huge films works and reduce video size without losing quality similarly. This technique is use to reduce video size and as a video smaller. You can distribute numerous films using this technique without providing others access to your cloud and your video quality is also not affected. This is one of the best methods to compress video without losing quality with Video Compressor for Email.

2. Use the Free Online Video Compressor (videocompressor.io)

When an all-purpose compressor is required for all your video needs videocompressor.io is one of the top free video compressor for Email that decreases video size solutions available when it comes to compression. It is simple to use, adaptable, and provides reduce video size information as you compress mp4, doing away with the time-consuming trial-and-error method.

How to compress video files Without losing quality?

  1. Open Your Browser

    Firstly, In the Search bar type Video-Compressor.io
    open browser and search video-compressor

  2. Select Your Video

    Then select the video you want by clicking “Browse Video”.
    select the video

  3. Choose your Desired Video Quality

    According to your demands, adjust the resolution.
    adjust the resolution

  4. Compress Your Video

    Your downloading process begins after you have compressed your video.
    download your video

3. Share a video link:

Maybe you hate having to use alternative video compression techniques or compress mp4. Or perhaps you don’t want to compress video without losing quality. If so, sending a link to a video instead of an entire video through email might be the best option.

The sole issue?  You lose control when your videos are posted on another website. The website may decide to alter the format of its links or put too much advertising on its server. Your video degrades if their service stutters.

However, sharing a movie via a link has numerous advantages despite these drawbacks: The recipient doesn’t need to download it, you may send sizable videos with little difficulty, and your email isn’t clogged with bulky attachments.

4. To reduce video size file, trim and split

When you wish to remove extraneous material from your uncut videos. Your video’s duration and file size could both be decreased by trimming and dividing it into separate pieces. Additionally, this technique works best when you dont want to use video compressor for Email. if you have a huge video file of unedited footage and don’t want to reduce the video quality.

5. Make use of cloud services

When you want to work with your team or when you don’t want to eat up valuable computer storage when you want to collaborate on generating or revising material with a client or coworker, this way works well. Additionally, it’s perfect if you need to send mp4 files but don’t want to send low-quality videos. Additionally, it doesn’t consume a lot of hard disc space. You can use Google Drive, DropBox, or OneDrive; all you have to do is create an account, upload your video file(s), and provide a link. The type of access you want to grant—viewing, commenting, or editing—can also be changed. And presto! There you have it, the top five email-friendly video compression techniques and when to apply them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What elements influence video file sizes?

The size of a video file is affected by many things. In order, these three:
Resolution: Video resolution is indicated by the 1920 x 1080 figures you often see in videos. Resolution is essentially the number of pixels in your movie. Higher quality equals higher pixel density, which denotes a large file size. So, decreasing the resolution can also result reduce the video file size
Bitrates and FBPS:  Bitrates are measured in bits per second or bps. The quality improves and the file size increases with bitrates. FPS stands for frames per second, which is the rate at which distinct images show on the screen. Larger videos result from higher frame rates. The most typical FPS ranges between 24 and 30.
Encoding: To ensure that your video is smooth rather than a collection of distinct images, video encoding refers to the conversion of raw video recordings to digital files. Video files can be compressed by encoding and video compressors without losing quality.

How can I lower a video’s MB size?

Open the video compressor
Put your video file online.
Use the compression slider to compress video online free.
To obtain your compressed video file, click “Compress video.”

You can also view this video guide on lowering your video’s MB size.

When does a video become too big to email?

The maximum file size varies depending on the email provider. Yet these are the restrictions for the most well-liked ones:
on Gmail, 25 MB
On iCloud, 20 MB (this includes the text of your email too).
Using Zoho Mail, 20 MB
on Yahoo Mail, 25 MB
Outlook 20 MB

How can I make compress video size under 25MB?

There are numerous techniques to scale back a video’s file size, including:
Use a video compressor on the internet like videocompressor.io
Cut and create several files from your videos.
Prepare your video as a zip file

How can a video compress without losing quality

You can compress a video file in a variety of ways without sacrificing quality:
Reduce the amount of video quality loss by creating a zip file.
Send a link to videocompressor.io, cloud, or YouTube.
Use an all-in-one video application like our video compressor tool or QuickTime on a Mac to trim and split your video.

On an iPhone or iPad, how do you compress video online free?

By cutting and splitting videos, you can reduce their size on your iPhone or iPad. You access the built-in “Photos” programme, select “Edit,” and move the yellow slider to customize your video clipping. As an alternative, you may also compress your videos using apps like videocompressor.io on the iPhone and iPad.

What is the top free video compressor for emailing large video files?

One of the simplest methods for emailing a huge video is to compress it using videocompressor.io. To accomplish the same result, you can choose the traditional video compressor or trim and split your videos.

If you wish to collaborate on the video you are sending, you can also create a video link via videocompressor.io. Those who have the link can leave comments on the video without having to download it.